Cal Henry - Lead Guitar

As a young man growing up in New Jersey, Cal Henry knew all too well the feeling of walking into a room and feeling helpless that not a face in sight was melting.

It would be this benevolent spirit that would lead Cal on a lifelong pursuit of the world's most perfect face-melting technique. He traveled from dojo to dojo looking for a style that would be most effective against his arch-nemesis - "The Man". It was then he had what can only be described as a cataclysmic event in his existence. He heard Jimi Hendrix.

At the time using drums to study the "Double Flam" style from Master Ping-Tao, Cal watched as a mere Hendrix recording pirated into the dojo melted the faces of every student and master present. Before his own face totally melted off, Cal made a vow of allegiance to the guitar.

Over the ensuing years, he studied hard under masters Hendrix, Vaughan, Townsend, Knopfler and Mayer and created his own hybrid style. Using this he set out on his journey to find a band worthy of his skill with whom he could melt faces on a global scale.

It was thus that WD-HAN was born...